Does hiring a professional arborist for tree removal matter? The answer to that question is quite obvious. However, a lot of homeowners fail to check these facts before hiring a contractor. Keep on reading this article as we provide you the following tips to help you hire the best tree service that actually cares about your safety, property, and most especially your trees: 


Eliminate the terms “tree guy” and “arborist” from your mind. There’s a major difference between a certified arborist and a mere arborist. Put it this way, a certified arborist has learned the right methods to safely (ISA and OSHA standards) remove and prune trees according to the findings they make as innovation and research continues.  

If an individual allots his/her personal time just to become certified only indicates that he/she has pride in their work, takes the service seriously, and is dedicated to keeping on succeeding with the industry. More likely, this could be an assurance that they will be truthful with you and do whatever they can do to serve their clients. 

Appropriate tools and equipment 

You have to guarantee that the contractor you hire will be utilizing the right tools for the required task. Do not allow anyone to put on shoe spikes as they prune your trees since this could greatly harm your tree.  


Employing a provider that adheres to the industry safety and OSHA is important. Guarantee that the company will wear ear protection, chainsaw chaps, and hard hats. This could be the variance between having a severe accident or injury on your property and completing the job safely without any harm. 

Ask inquiries 

The more a certified arborist is participating in the task and events in your industry, the more you should be assured that they will take care of your trees and property as if they belonged to their beloved grandparents.  

Check for insurance and certification 

A certified arborist will bring with them their insurance and certification. If there’s someone who will stop by your house and claims that he/she is a certified arborist, do not hesitate to check his/her certificate. Once you see that they do not have this particular information, it would be best for you to take down their offered service and pass.  

Those are only a few of many tips you can get from our website about the basics of hiring the best tree service and much more topics in the future. If you follow the tips provided above, it will be guaranteed that you will be able to find the best tree service company that will really watch out for your property, the health of your tree, and do the best of their abilities to safely complete the job.  

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