Which albums have been downloaded the most?

Some albums with high download figures reach their peak very quickly while others have a steady flow of sales over many years. Different factors affect how many times an album is downloaded, including current music trends, the long-term popularity of a group or artist and the death of a well-known celebrity. Some of the most downloaded albums ever include ‘Gold-The Greatest Hits’ by Abba, ‘Sgt Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band’ by The Beatles and ‘21’ by Adele.

Can I buy a gift card for a friend to download music?

Yes. Most sites that sell downloadable music offer the opportunity to buy e-vouchers or gift cards that you can give to friends and family as a gift. This is a great gift option for people who do not live close by and for those who are music lovers. These are available for different values depending on what you want to spend but can only be redeemed through the purchase of music and have no monetary value.

What are the best online music stores?

Which are the best online music stores is somewhat down to opinion and may depend on the type of music you like and the experiences you have of using particular music websites. In terms of the amount of traffic sites receive, the most popular sites currently include Pandora, Google Play, Yahoo! Music and Spotify.

Can I download free digital music?

There are rules and regulations about downloading free music, so it is worth checking out the legitimacy of a site first. It is possible to download free music, but finding the right tracks or albums you want to download for free can sometimes be trickier than if you are willing to pay for your music. There are some good and reputable websites out there, so ask for recommendations from friends or search online for reviews.

Where can I buy cheap music?

Downloading is now the most popular way to access music. Therefore, the number of websites offering downloadable music has increased to meet this demand. As it is such a competitive market, there are many places on the Internet you can find to buy cheap music. Some of these websites specialize in a particular genre of music while others have many different types of music available to download.