For kitchens, tile flooring is an obvious choice. A tile is water-resistant, durable, hard, and stain-proof. In addition, it’s really beautiful. Your ideas, when it comes to kitchen flooring, would definitely come out once you look through the wide range of colors, shapes, and styles available for tiles. 

Different types of kitchen floor tiles 

Kitchen floor tiles come in 3 different types: stone, ceramic, and porcelain. The prices vary from each type. Porcelain and ceramic tile are the same. Both types of tile are created from clay mixture under high-temperature levels to manufacture a durable and hard tile. Also, both could either be unglazed or glazed. However, they also have distinct differences aside from that. Here are the following: 

Porcelain floor tile 

This tile is a clay mixture that’s added with sand and is fabricated with the pressure and heat to create a tile that is denser, harder, and less porous compared to basic ceramic tiles. Porcelain floor tile is a great option for bathrooms, kitchens, and high-traffic areas. It is hard enough to be utilized outdoors under any weather. 

An unglazed porcelain tile is a clay mixture added with color. As a result, the pattern and color are passed all the way through the tile. Any scratches or wear will not appear on unglazed porcelain. On the other hand, during firing, a glass-like coating is applied to the glazed porcelain tile to produce color surface. 

Installing porcelain floor tile could be challenging since it needs special equipment to do so, which makes it hard to do it on your own. 

Regular ceramic floor tile 

To obviously distinguish it from porcelain, this tile is occasionally called “non-porcelain.” Compared to its porcelain relatives, regular ceramic floor tile is softer and it is glazed to create a hard-wear surface in almost any color. This tile can be installed and cut easily because it is softer. Even though it is more porous compared to porcelain, the glazing makes a surface that is resistant to kitchen splashes and spills. 

 Stone floor tile 

This type of tile is manufactured from natural stone, such as marble, travertine, limestone, granite, and slate. Majority of stone tiles are absorbent and requires to be refinished with the best stone sealer every 2 – 3 years. 

Stone could be honed or polished. Polished stone surfaces are slippery once it is wet. However, the polishing allows the beauty of the tile to shine through. Meanwhile, honed ones have a less vibrant look but it gives more traction. 


A tile is a solid surface. Dropped dishes and glasses will not survive and long hours of food preparation might cause fatigue. The tile flooring could be a factor in a noisy environment since it reflects sound. However, you can choose to remedy those things by using anti-fatigue mats and area rugs. 

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