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The place where you can download music from is developing every time. Researching on the Internet trying to get the best music store to use is very daunting and time consuming. To assist in your research, below is a list of the top music stores online where you can get the best music services on the Internet.

  1. iTunes Store

itunes store is an apple application, its regarded by many users as having the largest selection of music tracks on the globe. The itunes software is applied to again access of the Apple’s store, the Apple’s store has an in-built support for syncing music to your iphone, ipad and ipod if you posses one. However, it’s not a must that you must have an Apple device to make use of this service.


Apple’s online store is more than an online music service, it has other sub-store which offer audiobooks, apps, music videos, free podcasts and movies.

  1. Amazon MP3

Amazon MP3 was launched in 2007 has developed to be one of the biggest a la carte store, where you can buy and download digital music. Amazon MP3 has many albums and songs retailing at extremely competitive level in the music market, it is an alternative of the itunes Store. The most exciting aspect of this Amazon MP3 service is the Cloud Drive feature. In which any digital media you buy is automatically stored for safe keeping in your personal music locker.

  1. Spotify

Although Spotify is a streaming music store, it has a special offline mode which qualifies to be a music download service. In this special Offline Mode you can successfully and over time download and listen to many songs even if you are not connected to an Internet server. With ipod support the capability to import your social networking and music library. Spotify is the ultimate online music store.

  1. Napster

Napster is both an a la carte digital music store and a subscription based service. Picking the subscription route grants you the opportunity to utilize Napster to discover music. You are able to listen to thousands of songs provided that you keep your subscription active. Also you can get MP3 credits by subscribing; you can redeem your MP3 credits for Mp3 downloads.



Although Rhapsody has acquired Napster. It still remains active in some countries like Germany and the United Kingdom.

  1. Rhapsody

The Rhapsody digital music service offers millions of digital music songs that you can download or listen through their subscription services. You can also purchase and download DRM-free songs in the format of MP3 utilizing this music service.

  1. eMusic

It is a subscription based services that offers a large audiobooks and music. All the tracks are DRM-free this is the most exciting feature about this subscription services. Where by the amount of downloads directly depends on your subscription levels. eMusic services is ipod friendly, it also has a free trail that gives you an opportunity to evaluate heir services before subscription.


  1. 7digital

It is a media services that offers music tracks, sound tracks, audiobooks, videos as well as free Mp3 downloads. The digital media that is brought from &digital is of high quality, and has downloads of up to 320 kbps. 7digital provides a free digital locker which assists you to store all your brought tracks safely.

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There is so much for you to choose from.




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Digital music is everywhere today, and it is easier than ever before to find it. People would once have to shop around for it in a way that was legitimately challenging and involved a lot of legwork.

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